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Who We Are

Ace Dot Services, incorporated in the summer of 2015 by a small group of students from Portsmouth University, the business offers bespoke commercial and domestic cleaning services. Ace team managed in 2019 to develop the first mobile app that satisfies all the needs for managing staff and jobs for Small and Medium Enterprises (S.M.E). The app is FREE of charge and is available on App Store for Android and IOS.

We are able to satisfy a wide range of jobs such as:

  • Commercial Cleaning services
  • Restaurant Cleaning and Maintenance
  • End of tenancy cleaning,
  • Monthly Maintenance Cleaning,
  • After Party/Builders Cleaning,
  • Oven Cleaning,
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning,
  • Property Maintenance and handyman services.

How we see the world


Since 2015, the business has grown at a healthy rate, building a customer base of over 400 returning clients. The competitive industry in which it operates, drives the need for internal efficiency and for consistently delivering high a quality-service to customers. The standard of the cleaning services varies according to the clients’ and space requirements. Along with the cleaning materials, equipment and machines, the cleaning process require workers with basic skills and knowledge of hygiene to guarantee health and safety of the staff and customers. Managing human resources proved to be the most time-consuming activity by directly impacting the quality of the services delivered.

How we plan to change it


To survive in this industry, a change in the operating department, became paramount. At the beginning of 2017, Ace Dot services identified a viable solution for managing people resources more efficiently; the Manpower Online Management System (M.O.M.S.).This was introduced as a beta version with the aim of helping Ace Dot Services manage responsibilities like controlling, monitoring, structuring and organising workers operations. At the beginning of 2019 M.O.M.S. can to reality understand a different name AceS. The app that aims to help S.M.E. is live on Android and iOS and free to download


Valentin Razvan Mangu

CEO / Co-Founder
  • Ba (Hons) Business and Management graduate with high work standards. A logical and planned approach to work was developed through founding two limited companies. Currently looking to improve my work ethic and learn more about all aspects of successful delivering a project by working as a Project Manager.


Andreea Vrancea

Operations Manager/ Co-Founder
  • First class honours Business & Management Graduate who is consistently challenging the status quo, seeking innovation and improvement in organisations and is prepared to experiment, to take risks and to accept the inevitable failures as part of the learning experience.


Andreea Cristina Curtasu

Area Manager
  • Recently started a new position working for Ace Dot Services, previously I held multiple roles within Amazon. These included Store Manager (single and dual site), as well as having held the Foods Commercial Manager and the Commercial Operations Manager dual role at Goodwood. The scheme gave me a grounding on multiple facets within the organisation, both in store and head office and everyday I built on my leadership and skills. Alongside my studies I undertook various roles and responsibilities working at . As well as completing a variety of voluntary roles and work experience to develop my skills.

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